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World Class Promotions offers a variety of Services to help businesses maximize their promotional marketing dollars. We' ve highlighted a few of those Services below. If you have questions about these or other Services, please call us at 847.821.7800 or 866.492.7800 or email us.


In addition to having access to the 700,000+ imprintable products in the marketplace, World Class Promotions manufactures Custom Products. Custom Products may be similar to an off-the-shelf product but manufactured in a different color, size or shape. Or they may be one-of-a-kind, designed exclusively to promote a company's brand, new product, or commemorative occasion or event. Custom Products allow companies to showcase their identity in a fresh, meaningful way.

Shown below are examples of Custom Products produced by World Class Promotions. Let us know if you'd like to learn more about the process of manufacturing a custom product.

customized materials

Assembly and Packaging

Our capabilities include assembling client-supplied literature and/or other items, and including them in packages with promotional products for a seamless fulfillment process.

In addition, throughout the year many promotional marketing buyers give individually-packaged, wrapped promotional gifts. Gifts are often enhanced with a decorative box or other container as well as ribbons and custom labels. World Class Promotions also has the ability to drop-ship gifts to different locations around the country or world.

workers assembling

Online Company Stores

Hilco Products

Large companies with employee gift and/or incentive programs often manage these programs with a web-based store. An online store featuring a variety of products enables organizations to cost-effectively, efficiently and consistently manage their brand. Online stores also include an inventory management component with detailed purchasing reports, helping the corporate office control the distribution process.